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Safety Wears

Product Category : Spares / Blasting /Sand Blast (Air Operated)  

⚫️ Airfed Abrasive Blasting Helmet :

    🔸 The Air-fed Abrasive Blasting Helmet is used to protect the operator from all sorts of dangers associated with abrasive blasting.

    🔸 The Air-fed Abrasive Blasting Helmet is is designed to optimise safety, minimise operator downtime and increase productivity. 

    🔸 Provides reasonable comfort, better protection, less fatigue - thus improved productivity.

    🔸 Protects operator from the health hazards associated with abrasive blasting.

    🔸 Substantially Large Viewing Area.

⚫️ Gum Boots

    🔸 Provides safety to operator’s feet 

    🔸 Ensures compliance with industrial safety regulation.

    🔸 Superior Quality

⚫️ Rubber Hand Gloves

    🔸 Shield to operator’s hands

    🔸 Provide prevention against damage through high flying abrasive media and static charge if any. 

⚫️ Operator Suit

    🔸 Specially designed to provide safety against the impact of flying abrasive media. 

    🔸 Long life and high resistance against corrosion.

⚫️ Air Breather

    🔸 Separates moisture, oil, dust particles and harmful gases from air supply line and provides purified air to the helmet.

    🔸 Specially designed to remove oil mists, water vapour and particulate upto 0.5 microns form breathing air. 


    🔸 Brass Pet Cock

    🔸 Helmet Air Conditioner

    🔸 Helmet Hose

    🔸 Gauntlet

    🔸 Outer Visor

    🔸 Inner Visor