Side Draught-Paint Booth

Customizations available
Prevents spreading of paint
Reduces fire hazard
Spray booth is rigid, has a customisable shape and has a bolted construction. The structure is self-supporting and will not need supporting foundation except for fixing bolts. Fabricated out of 18 swg M.S. Sheet panels bolted with structural steel for rigidity.


  • Maintains dust level to minimum, prevents spreading of paint and maintains clean air at the operators breathing level.
  • Collects over sprayed paint, solid and discharge solvent fumes outside the building.
  • Reduces the risks of hazards.

The Side Draft Paint Spray Booth is suitable for conventional, air-less and electrostatic spray painting and its consists of painting chamber, Inlet Air Filter, Paint Trap Filters, axial flow Fan, electric motor, duct and canopy etc. The design of the paint booth will be a side draft type paint booth with disposable paint trap filters on the side. The intake air into the paint booth is filtered by an intake filter to avoid foreign particle deposition on the painted surface. The intake air is sucked into the room by the extraction modules located on the floor. OUR SIDE DRAFT BOOTHS ARE AVAILABLE AS BOTH DRY & WET TYPE.*

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