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Applications of Painting , Dispensig, Dosing, Proportionating

Lubrication (Grease & Oil dispensing) System
for Bearing and Hub Suitable for medium to high viscosity somewhat pasty sticky materials such as thick grease, lubricants, adhesives, sealants, silicons, plastics, caulks and pastes and other similar materials.

Pipe Coating System
offers Internal/External pipe-coating systems suitable for high performance high built single / two component coatings for applications in several industries like petrochemicals, oil, Refineries, large water pipelines.

Barrel Painting System
VR Coatings offers painting systems with multiple colors for external and internal surfaces of barrels and drums.More than 10 numbers of 200 liters barrel painting systems (production rate more than 300 liters/hour).

Adhesive Dispensing System
Dispensing of single pack adhesive to top and end plates of different sizes: Dispense qty 0.1 to 1000 gms. With 5% accuracy, measuring and consolidated qty data, PLC based system, Adhesive tank with level sensor, Easy trouble free and safe operating.

Liquid and Semisolid metering and transfer

Packaging (Cartridge Filling and Tube Filling)

Robotic Dispensing

Industrial Airless Spray Painting

Electrostatic Spray Painting System

Reciprocators Based Painting System

Wax Application

2K Painting System

Railway Painting System

Furniture Painting System

Tube Coating Systems

Tire and Trademarking System

Food And Pharmaceutical Painting

Automotive Painting System