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Psand blasting almen strip gauge Manufacturers in Faridabad

Product Category : Spares / Blasting /Sand Blast (Air Operated)  

Our Advanced Almen gauges, certified Almen strips, and Almen strip holders are the industry-standard tools for measuring intensity of Shot Peening.

Shot peening intensity is the measure of the energy of the shot stream—the energy of the shot stream is directly related to the compressive stress that is imparted into a part. It’s one of the essential means of ensuring process repeatability.


Almen Gages should be calibrated annually to assure proper performance.

We can perform all the necessary measurements to ensure compliance to standard or special Almen gage requirements.

◼️Special Features of Almen Gauge:

     🔸Precision Machining

     🔸Durable Hardcore Finish

     🔸Patented Magnetic Grip

     🔸Stem Mounted Indicator

◼️Almen Gauge Types:

     🔸Digital Type

     🔸Analog Type


     🔸Almen Strips as per AMS-S-13165:
     🔸SAE-1070 Cold Rolled Spring Steel
     🔸Finish Blue Temple.
     🔸Uniformly hardened to 44-50 HRC
     🔸Flatness - +/- 0.0015”

◼️Almen Strip Types:


     🔸 "N"



     🔸Standard Block with plain 

     🔸Threaded holes, screws and nuts.

◼️Almen Holders Types: