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Product Category : Abrasives / Steel Grits /  

◼️Salient Features:

🔶Steel grits are manufactured in conformity with standards IS-4606/1983, SAE-j827, BSS & DIN.

     🔸Steel Grit characterises under grains with a predominantly angular shape.

     🔸These grains are obtained by crushing steel shots.

     🔸They exhibit sharp edges and broken sections.

     🔸These are harder than steel shots and are also available in different sizes & hardness.


     🔸Surface Preparation

     🔸Stone cutting

     🔸Air Blasting

◼️Specification As Per Is 4606 of 1983 Chemical Composition:

Carbon 0.6-1.25 %
Silicon 0.2-1.1%
Manganese 1.25%Max
Sulphur 0.08%Max
 Phosphorus  0.08%Max
Shape Angular
Density 7 gm/ml Min. contains hollow shots of 10% max
Hardness 400-500 HV
Micro Structure Tempered Martensite

◼️Custom Hardness:

Grit HrC
SS 40-50
SL 50-60 
SH 63+

◼️Size Chart:

Grade Size in mm
G-12 1.70
G-14 1.40
G-16 1.20
G-18 1.00
G-25 0.60
G-40 0.40
G-50 0.30
G-80 0.180