Diabolo Type

Best for cylindrical components
Customizations available
Related spares, consumables & abrasives ready stock
National Enterprises manufacturers standard and customized tunnel type airless shot blasting machines with a number of blast wheels to suit the job size and production output. Our machine is best recommended for blast cleaning of cylindrical components like cylinders, pipes, barrels etc.


Our Diabolo Type Airless Shot Blasting Machine is used for removal of dust/ rust and to achieve superior quality (approx. SA 2, SA 2.5 SSPC Standards) finish after blast cleaning prior to painting/ the application of primer. The opening of the tunnel and the number of blast wheels depends upon the structure of the job for achieving a homogenous finish. Major assemblies of the machines are blast wheels, roller conveyor for job conveying and media recovery-bucket elevator, screw conveyor, rotary screen separator, abrasive store copper etc.A pulse-jet type dust collector is less than 10 mg/m³. The component(s) is to be placed in such a way that the conveyor belt is able to rotate it horizontally. The conveyor belt carries the components into the blast vestibule tunnel for surface preparation. Customizations are available according to the dimensions and length of the components. After surface preparation, the conveyor belt carries the components to the end of the blasting chamber wherein the components can be unloaded manually.

We have been privileged enough to be able to supply this very machine to different branches of Indian oil Corp Ltd. Please refer to the YouTube video below for more information on the same.

LPG Cylinder – SA 2 ½ Finish – Surface Preparation

Paint & Rust Removal

Shot Blasting Process

The Machine comprises of the following:


Cabinet Liners

Centrifugal Wheel Assembly


Abrasive Circulation System

Diabolo Conveyor System

Fabric Bag Type Dust Collector

Control Panel etc.





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