Pneumatic Blasting Machines

We manufacture a wide variety of Pneumatically Operated Surface Preparation Machines in standard and customised dimensions and accept customers operational demands and provide guidance from expertise holders along with After Sales Service. We maintain a ready inventory of blast room safety wear, spares & accessories & abrasives/ blast media. Place your order today!! ...Read More

Blast Room Facility

BLAST ROOM - National Enterprises make Standard & Custom made Blast Rooms Each Blast Room can be tailored according to your requirement & component/ job size. We accept customers operational demands & also provide guidance from expertise holders along with After Sales Service. We also maintain a ready inventory of Safety Wear, Spares, Accessories, Consumables & Abrasive.....Read More

Dust Collectors

DUST COLLECTORS - It is imperative to make the choice of the selecting the most accurate model of Dust collection System since it not only evacuates dust within the machine but also keeps the surrounding area clean, dust free and free to health hazards. A properly designed and sized dust collector is therefore.... Read More

Airless Shot Blasting Machines

Airless shot blast equipment is used for metal cleaning, paint removal, rust, metal surface preparation prior to paint or coating, and shot peening for metal fatigue life and stress relief and utilises cast steel shot or grit.Airless blasting is an economical option for many blasting, cleaning and peening operations.... Read More

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