Pneumatically Operated Blasting Machines

Portable Abrasive Blaster (P7)

Our Portable Abrasive Blasters come with and without Remote Control Assemblies. Ranging from high to low pressure capacity.

Cabinet Type Pressure Blasting machine

Our Cabinet Type Pressure Blasters work on the direct pressure principle of blasting.

Cabinet Type Suction Blasting machine

Our cabinet type suction blasting machines work on the suction induction principle of abrasive delivery.

Internal Pipe Cleaning Tool-PASS BLAST TOOL

A pass blast tool has no moving parts, it is supplied with centering collar and adjustable centering carriages to suit a varied range of pipe diameters.

Internal Pipe Cleaning Tool-ROTO BLAST TOOL

Our rotoblast tool blast cleans the internal diameter of pipe from 51 mm to 91 4mm & up to 12 M in length.

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