Suction Blast Guns

Our suction blast guns are used for the removal of corrosion, mill scale, coatings, heat treatment residue, carbon build-up, tool marks and burrs, etc. It provides a comfortable grip for the operator(s) and allows precise control of the blast pattern required. Our suction blast guns are also known to furnish a uniform texture and create an etched finish to increase bond strength for coatings after the process of surface preparation.


Our Suction Blast Guns accept a variety of nozzles and extensions. We offer our best quality Suction Blasting Guns for your blasting machines. We only use superior quality material and stainless steel in its production process to maintain the quality standards to ensure high durability and corrosion resistance.


We keep all shot and wheel blasting machines spares, consumables & safety wear is available as ready stock. We also provide after sales service from company trained engineers. We also keep Steel Shots, Steel Grit, Copper Slag, Aluminium Oxide, Glass Beads & Cut Wire Shots in a wide variety of sizes and in quantity at our offices as Ready Stock

Best @-

– Removal of corrosion
– Removal of mill scale
– Removal of coatings
– Removal of heat treatment residue
– Removal of carbon buildup
– Removal of tool marks
– Removal of burrs etc.


– Provides comfortable grip for operator
– Allows precise control of blast pattern
– Renders uniform texture
– Creates an etched finish to increase bonding strength for coatings
– Guns accept a  variety of nozzles and extensions – suitable for your application.

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