Internal Pipe Cleaning Tool-PASS BLAST TOOL


A pass blast tool has no moving parts. It is supplied with a centering collar and adjustable centering carriages to suit a varied range of pipe diameters. The blast stream through the deflection tip strikes the internal pipe surface to get a 360-degree blast pattern. The nozzle deflection tip and stem sleeves are made of tungsten carbide to ensure longer life. Ideally suited for smaller pipe IDs of 51 mm to 305 mm, it is supplied with a centering collar to treat pipe IDs up to 127mm and an adjustable centering carriage for pipe IDs of 127mm to 305mm.

Ready Stock High Quality - Pipe Painting/ Coating Equipment/ Tool

Airless Internal Spray Painting of pipes from 600 mm to 2500 mm
Internal pipe attachments range in size from 50 mm to 2.5 m.
3 times faster than manual operations.
Linear speed of up to 5 m/min
Oscillation speed: 0.25 to 0.9 m/s.
Renders a uniform coating.
Electronic linear variable
Servo-driven rotary reciprocating arrangement

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