Fabric Bag Type industrial dust collector

Industrial dust collectors are mandatorily required to meet the pollution control norms for keeping the environment eco-friendly. 
A dust collector separates any metallic dust particles from the blasting, painting, buffing, and grinding facilities and allows the circulation of breathable air in the vicinity. 

Our dust collectors have a modular design with no moving parts. Our fabric bag type dust collector is low maintenance and the replacement of fabric bags is easy and quick. The fair air filter ratio assures a longer life cycle of the bags. Fabric bags are usually made of cotton or woven satin. However, there are other materials that can be supplied to suit the customer’s demand. Dust-laden air is drawn into the dust collector through the inlet due to the suction created by the exhaust fan further on passing through the fabric bags. The heavier the dust particles are, the quicker they fall into the hopper due to the loss of momentum. Finer dust particles get deposited on the inner surface of the fabric bags, and the clean air passes across the outer surface of the filter bags and exits into the atmosphere through the outlet source. The bags are cleaned through a motorised shaking arrangement. When the motor is switched off, the shaking cycle gets activated automatically and the bags are shaken for a preset time through the timer. The dust slides from the filter bags downwards into the hopper for further collection into the dustbin. A dust collector has a modular design with no moving parts, low maintenance, and the fabric bags are easy to replace.

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