Cabinet type Suction Blasting Machines

Our cabinet-type suction blasting machines work on the suction-induction principle of abrasive delivery. Our suction blasters are best recommended for nonferrous metals and low-tolerance sheet components and for acquiring a matte finish. Our super blasters enable continuous work and an uninterrupted blasting cycle. We keep ready stock of various types of abrasive blasting machines, along with related spares and abrasives. We also provide after-sales service by company-trained engineers.


National Enterprises manufactures an impeccable range of super/suction blasters that are fabricated for surface cleaning purposes in different sectors such as railways, metal-based industries, shipyards, etc. Our machines are considered an ideal choice where the surface of light- to medium-sized component(s) is to be cleaned, deburred, or to acquire a matte finish. Useful for heat treatment shops, tool, die, and mould makers, shot peening of light metal components, etc. The equipment has a modular design and is easy to handle. Our super blasters are equipped with an abrasive recycling and separation system. The reclaimer ensures uniform cleaning and finishing. This is achieved by an automatic system of abrasive cleaning and separation built into the reclaimer. Our machine is useful for shot peening of light metal components and surface preparation of moulds, tools, and dies. Our machines are environmentally friendly and user-friendly. The dust collection system ensures the safety and ease of the operator. Dust and debris are separated, and only clean and sized abrasives are carried to the blast gun, ensuring a homogeneous finish. Most cabinets of other brands do not have the reclaimer as standard practise. There are various customizations available on request and according to the component whose surface has to be prepared. Please view our catalogue for further information.


Applications and salient features:

Surface Cleaning, Deburring, Acquiring a matte finish                                                                              
Maintaining a continuous blasting cycle
It works on the suction-induction principle of abrasive delivery.
Our machine ensures continuous work without any interruption in the blasting cycle.
Recommended for light and medium-sized components.
integrated reclaimer and a dust separation unit.
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