swing TABLE TYPE shot blasting machine

Our Swing Table Type Airless Shot Blasting Machines are ideally suited for the surface preparation of components like forgings, castings, and miscellaneous fabricated items for batch production with a mix of large and small items.
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The general-purpose swing-table machine can handle a wide range of large, medium- or heavyweight castings, forgings, heat-treated work, welded and bolted structures, and so on. Our swing-table blasting machine can clean a variety of parts, including transmission housings, engine blocks, head-wheels, and crankshafts. We manufacture a wide range of door-mounted, 30″ to 96″ diameter swing table type shot blasting machines with lightweight capacities of 350 kilogrammes to heavy capacities of 4500 kilograms, which are the most commonly used machines by small- and large-scale foundries, heavy machinery, and various industries. The various models are available with various accessories, such as a second door for increased productivity, manganese or rubber linings on tables, doors, and cabinet walls, and either gravity type for low dust loads or rotary screen type for screening of high sand and rust content dust generated, as well as fabric and pleated-type bag dust collectors, which are operated by either mechanical shaker type or compressed air reverse pulse operation.

Attain a smooth complexion.
Aesthetic finish on die castings of aluminium, zinc, and alloy steel
Desanding and descaling of castings and forgings
Preparation of Surfaces for Protective Coating
Removal of heat-treated scales

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