Drum Dress

Medium & heavy duty airless drum press dispensing/ spray painting equipment:
These are equipped with Medium Duty (TIGER)
or Heavy Duty (RHINO) range of pumps
and are suitable for semi – solid and pasty material.
We provide customized solutions to our clients.
We accept customer’s operational demands & also provide guidance from expertise holders along with After Sales Services


      High Flow rate pumps and guns
      Priming piston (shovel) type. Suction for high viscosity fluid.
      Auto cut off/ shut off for pumps.
      Facility for twin pail switchover system. 
      Dum capacity 20 Ltrs/ 200 Ltrs. 
      Custom built system for more drum capacity with special features.
      Dispensing/ Spraying nozzles to suit your application. 

Technical Specifications:
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