Drum Dress

Medium & heavy duty airless drum press dispensing/ spray painting equipment:
These are equipped with Medium Duty (TIGER)
or Heavy Duty (RHINO) range of pumps
and are suitable for semi – solid and pasty material.
We provide customized solutions to our clients.
We accept customer’s operational demands & also provide guidance from expertise holders along with After Sales Services


      High Flow rate pumps and guns
      Priming piston (shovel) type. Suction for high viscosity fluid.
      Auto cut off/ shut off for pumps.
      Facility for twin pail switchover system. 
      Dum capacity 20 Ltrs/ 200 Ltrs. 
      Custom built system for more drum capacity with special features.
      Dispensing/ Spraying nozzles to suit your application. 

Technical Specifications:
Output Per Cycle150cc275cc110cc275cc210cc
Air Motor Piston160 mm250 mm160 mm30 mm300 mm
Stroke Length120 mm120 mm120 mm120 mm120 mm
Recommended Spray Volume at 10 Cycles per minute1.5 liters2.75 liters1.1 liters2.75 liters2.1 liters
Air Inlet Pressure Maximum8 Bar7 Bar8 Bar6 Bar6 Bar
Output Pressure Maximum240 Bar245 Bar320 Bar330 Bar450 Bar
Air Consumption N liter per min at 10 cycle per minute.40085040011001100
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