We have a wide range of airless shot blast machines with several blast wheels varying according to the job size for a wide variety of workpieces for large production output in terms of surface treatment. The overhead conveyor carries the job in and out of the blast cabinet where a number of blast wheels are located depending upon the type of the job for attaining a homogeneous finish. 

Our machine consists of the following

     – Blast Wheel(s)
     – Over Head Conveyor
     – Media Recovery System
     – Bucket Elevator
     – Screw Conveyor
     – Rotary Screen Separator
     – Dust Collector etc.

Technical Specifications

Model NameEnvelop Size (Dia x Height)No. Of Blast WheelShot Flow Rate (Kg./Wheel/Hour)Load Carrying Capacity (Kg.)Wheel Size & Motor (HP)Total Power Required (HP)
ASH-1600 X 7502300030012 1/2″x 514.5
ASH-2600 X 10002300030012 1/2″x 514.5
ASH-3600 X 10002500030012 1/2″x 7.522.5
ASH-4750 X 7502300030012 1/2″x 514.5
ASH-5750 X 7502500030012 1/2″x 7.522.5
ASH-6750 X 10002300030012 1/2″x 516.5
ASH-7750 X 10002500030012 1/2″x 7.523.5
ASH-81000 X 12002500030012 1/2″x 7.5 23.5

Our Airless Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine can be tailored according to your requirements and component/job size.
Our hanger-type machines are best designed to carry out multifarious jobs in batches.
We provide quality after-sales service to our clients.
We provide customised solutions for our clients.
We accept customers’ operational demands and also provide guidance from expertise holders along with after-sales services.

We accept operational demands and provide guidance from expertise holders along with related spares, consumables & after sales service.

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