Cabinet type Pressure blasting machines

Our Cabinet Type Pressure Blasters work on the direct pressure principle of blasting. They produce high abrasive velocity, thus cleaning the components faster. Together with the automatic abrasive refilling arrangement, our machines not only provide high efficiency for dust collection but also have controllable blast pressure. All types of coarse and medium types of abrasives/blast media can be used depending upon application and requirement.


Our machines are most suitable for etching a surface needed for rubber lining, FRP lining, and metal springs. Castings and forgings are cleaned with precision. The blast pressure can be controlled from 80 to 90 psi approximately; it might vary according to the choice of model. In our cabinet type pressure blasting machines, the abrasive/blast media is stored in the pressure pot, which is placed below the cabinet and sealed. The abrasive is metered into the blast hose and conveyed by the compressed gas through the blast nozzle. A tubular fabric bag type dust collector with a generous filter area is attached to the cabinets as a standard feature. A manual shaker is also provided for bag shaking. Our Cabinet Type Abrasive Blasting Machines are fabricated by following the set industrial guidelines. Our range is available in standard and customised specifications. Related spares and consumables are available as ready stock at our offices. We also have company-trained engineers for after-sales service of our machines.

Please feel free to visit our YouTube channel to view installations of our special machines customised according to various components and applications.
Features are available on request.
Motorised bag shaking setup.
Reverse-jet cartridge filter dust collector
In place of the standard blast gun, we provide a higher-output blast gun.
Foot-operated treadle switch
Fitted with optional accessories,


Recommended for the following:
Fast cleaning
Removal of heavy rust
Corrosion using coarse abrasive – etching etc.
Works on direct pressure principle of blasting.
Produces high abrasive velocity – thus cleans component faster.
Automatic abrasive refilling arrangement.
High efficiency for dust collection.
Manual shaker – provided.
Control-able blast pressure.
All type of coarse & medium type of abrasives/ media can be used depending upon application.

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