Glass Beads

We keep various sizes of glass beads as ready inventory at our offices. Glass beads are best recommended to be used in low pressure machines for surface cleaning, descaling, deburring, de-flashing and shot peening on components made of iron, steel & aluminum etc.
 Applications & Salient Features:
      For Surface Cleaning
      Shot peening


Glass beads can be be reused roughly multiple times. They are considered as a satisfactory media for metal cleaning or surface completing when appropriately controlled. Glass beads impacting produces a spotless, splendid finish without dimensional difference in the parts. They are available as ready stock in various sizes at our offices  refer to size chart given below. They are utilized particularly to pursue materials, tempered steel  last surface treatment, aluminium parts before anodic oxidation or coat tormenting by straightforward coat paints, other non-ferrous metals  metal, bronze, copper, pre-treatment before galvanization nickel and chrome paint. 
For sensitive thin-walled parts and thin welds, peening with glass globule rough material gives the correct equalization of stress alleviation without over-pushing and causing harm.

Best for Low Pressure Machines.
All of the above on components made of iron, stainless steel & aluminium.
Size Chart:

1Coarse I – O-18+25600 – 800
2Coarse II – BL-18+60400 – 600 
3.Medium – C-36+60250 – 425
4.Fine – AD-72+150106-212
5.Super Fine I – AF-100+20075-150
6Super Fine II – AQ-300+35004-45
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