Diesel Fired

Our Cabinet Type Pressure Blasters work on the direct pressure principle of blasting. They produce high abrasive velocity thus clean the components faster, along with automatic abrasive refilling arrangement our machines not only provide high efficiency for dust collection but also have controllable blast pressure. All types of coarse & medium type of abrasives/ blast media can be used depending upon application and requirement.


Special Features:
  •  A safety thermostat for ensuring safety and curbing the unwanted rise in temperature
  •  Fast heating to render quick service under all circumstances
  •  This oven is made of 316 or 304-grade tempered steel or gentle steel or some other metal.
  •  Ability to work under very high temperature
  •  This ceramic wool or mineral oven conserves energy.
  •  Exhaust area can be controlled automatically or physically. It helps in easy cleaning and ensuring safety
  •  Superior wraps up to ensure total protection during final delivery, especially while it’s in transit
  •  A quality structure that’s efficient and meets the global standards
  •  Energy proficiency to ensure smooth running for a longer duration

Recommended for the following:
Fast cleaning
Removal of heavy rust
Corrosion using coarse abrasive – etching etc.
Works on direct pressure principle of blasting.
Produces high abrasive velocity – thus cleans component faster.
Automatic abrasive refilling arrangement.
High efficiency for dust collection.
Manual shaker – provided.
Control-able blast pressure.
All type of coarse & medium type of abrasives/ media can be used depending upon application.

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