Wheel Blades

Our wheel blades are carefully engineered and produced to provide uniform distribution of abrasives, which helps increase part life and achieve cleaning goals. Our castings have considerable surface smoothness, good dimensional accuracy and better fitment than regular shell moulding castings with great resistance and long life resulting in your maintenance costs lessening significantly.


We keep all shot and wheel blasting machines spares, consumables & safety wear is available as ready stock. We also provide after-sales service from company trained engineers. We also keep Steel Shots, Steel Grit, Copper Slag, Aluminium Oxide, Glass Beads & Cut Wire Shots in a wide variety of sizes and in quantity at our offices as Ready Stock.

 Available in the following sizes: (inches)
     BW 12/ BW 15
     BW 19/ BW 1215
     BW 1519/ BW 17/ BW 21
     BW 27

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