Gun Extensions/ Pole Gun

Graco tip extensions and extended reach tools help reduce the need for ladders or scaffolding when spraying high walls, ceilings and other hard to reach areas.
We accept customer’s operational demands & also provide guidance from expertise holders along with After Sales Services.


With a pole gun or the right tip extension length, you can complete the job faster with less setup time.
Eliminate the hassles of ladders and scaffolding to safely spray hard-to-reach areas, like high walls, vaulted ceilings, stairways, and soffits. Complete the job faster with less set-up time with a pole gun and extension.
For unmatched spraying performance in high or recessed areas
Use with Contractor In-Line Valve and the Clean Shot Shut-Off Valve to create different length pole guns
Balanced design with no excessive weight at the end of the pole
The Contractor FTx Airless Spray Gun is the economical choice for everyday use while delivering the reliability and performance to achieve a professional finish. Includes a 4-finger trigger and a RAC 5 515 Switch Tip and Guard.
Exclusive Flex Seal Needle
Totally enclosed patented design eliminates needle’s exposure to fluid, extends needle life by 70%, and ensures consistent needle shut-off
Fluid pushes on seal to quickly shut off needle and reduce spitting
Spring is located outside fluid path for better flow
Helps eliminate pack out and slow needle shut-off

Reduced Gun Spitting
Repositioned seat is closer to the tip, eliminating 60% of the dead space
Less paint left between needle and tip results in less spitting
Ergonomic Design
Form-fitted handle provides maximum control and comfort
Detachable trigger guard swings clear of gun handle for easy filter access
Lightweight design reduces operator fatigue
Trigger Lock
Smooth, lightweight trigger pull with simple, thumb-engaged safety lock
Modular Needle Design
Simply remove the trigger cross pin and unthread front housing to change out needle
EasyGlide Swivel
Exclusive dual-seat swivel design reduces sealing friction under pressure, making this the best swivel on the market!

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